Big Manuscripts

The latest innovation from the team that brought you Manuscripts Pocket-Sized Gospels.

An Immersive Book Experience

With Big Manuscripts, it’s easier than ever to tune out distractions and get lost in scripture. We specifically designed these books to create a larger field of view so you can keep your focus on the word.

Big Manuscripts

Truly Enormous

At 15 inches tall and nearly 11 inches wide, these are the biggest Gospels on the market. Not only are these not pocket-sized, they hardly even fit in a backpack. Each book weighs nearly five pounds, so remember to lift with your legs.

Manuscripts, but Big

Just like our original Gospels set, we’ve removed verse numbers and footnotes for a reading experience that’s more like a traditional book. The only change is that we made it really, really big. We’ve made the font size 3x larger, so you could probably read it from space.


Ready to Buy?

Well, you’ll have to wait. We’ve contacted several manufacturers and they’ve all told us it’s too dumb of an idea. And they’ll probably be really expensive. A conservative estimate is $500 for the set, but it’s really too soon to tell. If you’re still interested, you can sign up for new product updates below.

We have another release coming very soon, but it’s not nearly as big.