The Bible
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Carry the Bible in beautiful pocket-sized volumes that are easy to read and easy to carry with you.

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The Gospels

We started with the Gospels because of the role they play in the Bible as a whole. Jesus is the most significant figure in human history and the Gospels are the Bible’s accounts of His life and teachings.

  • "Although the content remains familiar and unchanged, it feels, somewhat surprisingly, like I've discovered something new."

    Juan Vidal, NPR
  • "What an incredible way to get Scripture in the hands of the next generation!"

    Doug Clay, Assemblies of God General Superintendent

“The first thing that really stuck out to me when reading Manuscripts was how it felt like any other book. It was so approachable! I enjoyed that there are not little verse numbers throughout the text.

These simpler pages allowed me to read the passage as a story. The design is beautiful and the size feels just right in my hands.”


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