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Manuscripts presents the Gospels in easy-to-read, pocket sized Bible books. Each Gospel is formatted like a traditional book. The text is arranged in one column, without verse numbers or footnotes. We used the New American Standard Bible, a translation widely respected for its word-for-word accuracy. Jesus’ words are printed in red and are placed in their own paragraphs for emphasis.

This set includes:

  • The Gospel According to Matthew
  • The Gospel According to Mark
  • The Gospel According to Luke
  • The Gospel According to John
  • A Slipcase

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The Bible doesn’t have to be intimidating

We were inspired by the way scripture was originally written, by individual authors with diverse points of view. Manuscripts presents the Gospels in easy-to-read, pocket sized Bible books.

Details overview:

  • Pocket-sized (5.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide x less than 1 inch deep)
  • Thick pages (60lb paper)
  • Perfect-bound
  • Rounded edges to prevent fraying
  • New American Standard Bible
  • 9.5 pt. font size

34 reviews for Manuscripts: The Gospels

  1. Brit (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with how these were made and set up. The layout gives such a fresh way to reading the Word and on top of that, it’s NASB translation! Seriously incredible all the way around. I also love the size of them. They are perfect pocket/purse size. I’ve been telling everyone about them!

  2. Jean (verified owner)

    Sometimes I have a hard time getting through the Bible. This new format of the Gospels makes it so much easier to read, pause, and reflect. Also, the smaller size fits in my purse, so I am actually reading more. The slipcase is such a nice touch. Thank you.

  3. Autumn (verified owner)

    Great, high quality, compact reader to keep with you on the go… Or just to experience reading the Bible as a continuous story, without the distraction of verse numbers. Blown away by the quality and love that it’s NASB, too!

  4. Angela (verified owner)

    I carry one in my purse; so now I can read Scripture where ever I am. It’s a perfect take along size.

  5. Tim Koch (verified owner)

    I bought the set for my goddaughter and I’m happy to give them to her. There were three typographical decisions that really bummed me out. If the goal of the project is to introduce these texts so people read them like a “traditional book” then you need to get rid of the headings. (Maybe using the NASB required you to include them?). I’ve never read a “traditional book” with headings. Can you imagine reading a Tom Clancy or John Grisham novel with headings like that? Matthew 13 has 11 headings alone!
    I would have also liked to see the paragraphs as paragraphs, instead of having any entire blank line between each one.
    I would have preferred you drop the red letters (again…it doesn’t meet the goal of the reading experience being like that of a “traditional” book). Imagine reading The Hobbit where Bilbo’s words are all in red letters.
    I shared a picture of receiving these books and used the @manuscriptsbooks on Twitter, but it doesn’t look like they have an account.
    Three stars. They meet the objective of making God’s word less intimidating.

    • Manuscripts

      Hey Tim,

      We really appreciate your honest assessment and we’re sorry to hear Manuscripts didn’t meet your expectations. While many have enjoyed the blend of traditional Bible design elements and the modifications that made it closer to a novel’s format, we hear where you’re coming from. These points will be kept in mind when planning future iterations. In the meantime, we will work to show more of the details of the book’s formatting on the website and our social media.

  6. Devin (verified owner)

    These books are brilliant! They’re a great size and the design is super clean. They look great on the coffee table and it’s wonderful having God’s word so accessible. Great to share with interested friends.

  7. Rebecca Donaldson

    Manuscripts has not changed one letter in the Bible. The innovative presentation is high quality and works well for those who want to read the Bible for the first time or who are well acquainted with God’s word.

  8. Edith Ospina

    So glad I received my manuscripts! The quality of these books is amazing. I started reading Luke and the versality of just fitting it in my purse without too much bulk is great! I get to pull the manuscript book anywhere I am. I need to have a tangible book to read and these books are perfect.

  9. Ellen

    I love the portability of these these books, and how they make the Word of God accessible to others. We gave a set to an 86 year old women, who told us she could finally read the Bible in bed as it was small enough that her arthritic hands could hold it! She was so thrilled. Another octogenarian told us, upon receiving her set and starting to read it, that it was the FIRST TIME she had ever read the Bible!! This beautiful, but simple version of God’s Word is affecting lives.

  10. Jeremy

    I love these… I carry one of the gospels with me daily… and I have been able to share the gospel with others that I might not have before because of the accessibility. I can’t wait until you have more books of the bible available. We are studying Acts right now in our young people’s class and I wish I had an Acts manuscripts book to carry around with me and give a copy to every student in the class. Do you all have any plans of future books? Release dates? I would be more than willing to pre-order them. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  11. Adam (verified owner)

    So far I have appreciated that the Manuscripts allow scholars to read the Gospels without the sometime important references but sometime distractions of verse numbers, annotations, and such. On the other side of the experience spectrum, I imagine the format would help first-time readers encounter the Gospel with less apprehension, holding the whole story easily in their hands and able to digest it before taking on its wider biblical context. I’m an NRSV fan but NASB gets the job done. Acts, Romans, and 1 & 2 Corinthians might be three follow ups.

  12. Steven

    I supported the kickstarter campaign and have been awaiting the arrival of them on pins and needles. I will admit that they are a little smaller than I had originally envisioned, but I understand the concept that they want them to be able to rock out in your pocket. I love the selection of the NASB as that is my favorite version to just relax and read.
    The pages feel amazing as your are flipping through them, if I am being honest, my only complaint is that I only have the Gospels. I wish I had them all, or at least the full NT to start!

  13. Melanie

    I love them just as they are and disagree with Tim, though no offense to him. I love the Hobbit, too, but find that reading the Gospels is not the same type of experience. I really want to zero in on Christ and his words, so the red lettering works for me, as do the headings.

  14. Cass VanB

    I enjoy the feel of them in my hand, size and cover stock, etc. They look nice, as well. I would LOVE to have a set of the first 5 books, the Torah!

  15. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    These four gospels are really great… I can’t remember a time when a Bible format actually changed my reading habits. I’ve bought other “reader” editions but most were left on the shelf due to out of date translations or other quirky design choices. I like that Manuscripts here are in NASB and I love the small size. When I read it in public, everyone is curious what I am reading and no one would guess that it’s a Bible!! I’ve bought copies for myself, my two pastors and my girlfriend by now! Keep up the great work people 🙂

  16. Drew

    This is an awesome option to not owning 5 separate Bibles. You could keep these books each in different places that you usually spend your time (bedside, in the car, in a backpack/suitcase, coffee table.) It’s great because each book doesn’t feel like a large daunting book where there’s seemingly no place to begin. You could very well read the Gospel of Mark during a lunch break! Also, because of that, they’re a great option to share with friends who may just be curious about the Bible, too. Usually when I’ve given a Bible (or New Testament) to a friend, they tend to not read it. With this, I can challenge them more easily. You could read the Gospel of John in a single sitting quite easily! It’s a great unassuming conversation starter that can lead to making disciples in your daily life, it takes the intimidation out of reading the New Testament.

  17. linzkay (verified owner)

    I bought myself a set and have already purchased one for a friend. I’m sure I’ll be getting more in the future, too. They are so easy to read and carry with me anywhere. The material is lightweight but more durable than I expected. Plus, the fact that they are so beautiful to look at certainly makes me want to pick them up and share!

  18. Gary Schmitt (verified owner)

    The Gospels came beautifully wrapped and after carefully opening them I was immediately captivated. The books themselves are obvious in quality and the size makes carrying them incredibly easy and creates a desire to pick one up and read. These Gospel texts would make a great and no doubt a life changing gift. I would love to see other editions perhaps ‘wisdom literature’..’the letters of Paul’..’the Pentateuch’ etc. I could not recommend Manuscripts ‘The Gospels’ higher!

  19. Lucas M. (verified owner)

    I was first introduced to Manuscripts via The Bible Projects Instagram feed. After purchasing their coffee table book and seeing their attention to detail and design in their product I was immediately intrigued by this idea that Manuscripts brought to life. I think that the format they chose to use is so very conducive to life on the move and even life sitting at home. I have found it extremely easy to pair their offerings of the Gospels with Hannah Brencher’s “September Read the Gospels”, which is simply a challenge to read/listen to the story of Jesus as much as possible through the ninth month, a Gospel every week. The quality of the materials used is nice. The pages are slightly off-white which leads to wonderful readability. The feel of the cover is a soft-touch matte and the font used is very crisp. The color way used as well is very tasteful. My only negative critique about this product is that the spines of the books do not line up very well at all. The logos near the top of the spine are all at different heights and not centered side-to-side, “The Gospel According to…” and the “M” logo all start at different heights, and the blue bit near the bottom of the spine doesn’t offer a full wrap around the corners look that I think would add a lot of visual appeal. I would really like to see some of those tolerances tightened in the future but for now, the package is good enough and it really only is a factor if you keep all four together in their sleeve. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to future projects by Manuscripts!

  20. Sheridan Stephenson (verified owner)

    I am really happy that I purchased this set of the Gospels. It has made it much easier for me to read these four books while I’m on the go instead of lugging around my big bible or reading on my phone (where I often get distracted). I would highly recommend these because they are so easy to read, truly pocket-sized and have a great set-up!

  21. Emily

    I love reading the text as individual writings. It is easier to read and I get a better understanding without the chapters and verse numbers. I also like this translation. I am looking forward to the other manuscripts also!

  22. Joyce (verified owner)

    I think it’s fantastic that Manuscripts has published this format of the four Gospels. “Reading the Bible“ can be a big ask and this friendly format could be a great out reach tool. The quality is excellent the price is a bit steep

  23. @awriterandtheword

    It’s a rare thing to find a quality product that is equally as practical as it is enjoyable. These pocket editions of the Gospels are simply stunning. They’re well-designed, and beautifully made. The typeset throughout is unique, easy to read, and a joy to use. The overall design of the editions show deep intentionality and faithful execution. The ability to carry the Gospel of John in my back pocket has helped keep me connected to Jesus’ words, and helps focus my mind on Christ throughout the day. Buy these for yourself, for your pastor, for your friend.

  24. Israel Perez

    These books have been a game changer. I believe that these 4 books are some of the most impactful books from the Bible. So to be able to have one on hand without having to take the entire bible everywhere is so helpful when you’re on the go.

    I’ve also had the privilege of handing these out to new believers as they begin to seek out God. I found that letting them use the book of Matthew has been more impactful due to the fact that it seems less intimidating because it feels and seems like a small book rather than the entire Bible. They love that you read it like a traditional book. Well done Manuscripts! Love these books!

  25. Kir (verified owner)

    I’ve really been enjoying these. Carrying one in my pocket instead of whipping my phone out when I have some time stuck waiting.

  26. David

    I bought a couple other Bibles on Amazon that said they were pocket sized but didn’t really fit in my pocket. These 4 books really do fit in my pocket (although not all at the same time). I started reading the book of Mark, and it is very easy to read in this format. The only down side was that it took about a week to receive my order — I initially saw these books on Amazon but decided to order directly from Manuscripts to support them better. Unfortunately it probably took longer for me to receive my order because of this.

  27. Courtney

    Not only are Manuscripts easy to carry around, they are beautiful and well crafted. I know I can throw them in my bag and not worry about them being destroyed. They also are a great conversation starter and are so easy to give to friends who are interested in diving in to the Bible!

  28. Justin Bond

    This collection of the Gospel Set is absolutely stunning from the inside out. The presentation of these 4 little books in their slipcase make for a great look on the shelf as a display and also a great little read. Small enough to throw in your bag, these little guys are very easy to read allowing you to always be reading through the Gospels as you travel. Id highly recommend this set and I think they did an incredible job. I Cannot wait to see what else they have up their sleeve!

  29. Emmie Dryjski (verified owner)

    Very convenient. Can take a gospel with me everywhere. Excellent idea. So glad I came across this product online.

  30. Brandon Waltman

    I love the Manuscripts Gospels, the quality of the paper and binding is excellent. I love how it has large enough font and yet is small enough to carry around. I’m really looking forward to the next books to be published. I really appreciate the fact that Manuscripts chose to use the NASB. There are only a handful of translations out there that are striving to be as accurate to the original language as possible. The NASB is one of those versions.

  31. Matt (verified owner)

    The books are excellent, the idea is exactly what I have been thinking about for some years now. My only niggle with them is that I didn’t execute the idea first haha

  32. Audrey

    I absolutely am enjoying taking these pocket-sized books of the Bible on-the-go. One of my favorites is that they kept the red letters; it makes Jesus’s words stand out and easier to spot when He speaks. I like the font size and style you guys chose; it is not too clustered or small. One thing though, I wish you guys would have kept the headings out just as you guys did with the verse numbers and footnotes, in that way we would have the sheer joy of scripture only. Nevertheless, it is great and I am very thankful to you guys for producing this so that now I can always have the synoptic gospels and The Gospel of John with me.

  33. Joshua DiSimone (verified owner)

    I love this set. I love that is has red letters for the Savior’s speech. I love that the chapters end on a page vs. spilling over page-to-page. I love that the books are compact and look like notebooks. God has had this product for me: it is a blessing.

    Thank you for providing these. May your right to income for preaching be a blessing to you and others who are offering interesting and fulfilling products of the Gospel.

  34. Gabriel

    I bought this set in a different website. I love this 4 gospel set! It makes it really easy to get through the four gospels. Wish they had the book of Acts! I will recommend this website to my Bible study.

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